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Polypropylene Recessed Filter Plates

SACHIN Polypropylene Filter Plates are one piece moulded with ICM technology from virgin Polypropylene HP / CP compositions (of high molecular weight) in natural white colour. 

Additionally, they can be ordered to meet the requirements of high pressure (up to 25 bars) and high temperature filter applications.

Filter Plate is the essential element of the filter press as this is where the filter cloth is fixed and the real filtration process happens. 

We have an in-house R & D team who are continuously working to develop the design, for higher efficiency of the filtration process through the filter plates.

Recessed plates are a fixed volume plate, Where two plates are pressed together to form a cavity (or recessed chamber) where the filter cake is formed.

Available size range: 305mm x 305mm to 2500mm x 2500mm Contact us
Sizes Availability in mm (millimeter) 2500 x 2500 2000 x 2000 1500 x 2000 1500 x 1500
1300 x 1300 1200 x 1200 1065 x 1065 1000 x 1000
915 x 915 800 x 800 760 x 760 630 x 630
610 x 610 500 x 500 470 x 470 460 x 460
305 x 305 610 Dia 800 Dia Odds / Round

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