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Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer

The Agitated Nutsche Filter/ Dryer is a vital system for the Chemical Process Industry wherein, after reactions, solid liquid separation is required. This system separates Solids from Liquids in the most energy efficient manner. In some cases, drying capability is added, especially useful for low boiling point solvents, which can be extracted under vacuum.  The capacity of the system is so designed so as to accommodate whole reactor batches, thereby, freeing the reactors for next batches. Large volumes of wet cakes can be handled, thereby making these systems capable for large batch operations.

These systems are energy efficient, wherein maximum separation of liquids from solids is achieved mechanically, instead of use of thermal energy. Also, the systems are totally enclosed and devoid of requirement of manual handling, thereby making the plant clean and safe. Solvents and other toxic chemicals can also be handled in these systems. 

The sizes manufactured by us range from 150 Lits to 20000 Lits working capacities. 

The systems are manufactured with vide range of materials of construction, from MS to SS, Hastelloy, Duplex, Cladded and Glass Lined, Halar lined MOC’s for contact parts.

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