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Rotocone Vacuum Dryer (RCVD)

Also known as RCVD, is a batch type of Dryer suitable for wet crystalline free flowing wet cakes. This system is most widely used in Pharma and API Industries, but has applications in other Chemical Process Industries.

RCVD’s follow the principle of high vacuum drying with vaccum being applied to a Rotating equipment and indirect heating being applied through jackets. Due to the rotating action, sometimes snow balling effect takes place and lumps form during the drying process. In such cases Lump Breakers can be provided which are operational during drying cycles.

The main advantage is that due to the constructional features of the RCVD, there is negligible material holdup on discharge of the dried powder, an aspect which is critical in many Pharma and API applications,

The RCVD Capacities can vary from 150 Lits to 8000 Lits Gross Volumes and 50% wet cake charging volume is an accepted norm / practice.

MOC’s can range from SS, Duplex, Hastelloy, SS/ Hastelloy Cladded, SS Halar Lined, MS Glass Lined etc.,

Configuration can be GMP, with Extended Shaft Designs with Drives in service areas and main dryer in clean room areas. 

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