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Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer

Also known as the RVPD, is an efficient batch drying systems where wet cakes can be dried at lower temperatures under high vacuum. The use to vacuum, lowers the boiling point of the solvents to be extracted and the indirect heat imparted to the wet cake results in flashing of the solvents into vapours. These vapours are extracted and recovered by passing through a suitably sized Condenser, mounted on a Receiver, which collects the condensate.

The RVPD is a Horizontal equipment with most of the surface areas being heated. The Agitator is also a Hollow Drum and is heated by passing Hot Water/ Steam through a suitably designed Rotary Joint. The agitator remains immersed in the material being dried imparts the maximum heat transfer and therefore results fast and efficient drying.

The agitator is designed to scrape 100 % of the internal surfaces of the dryer. It is also designed for lateral and rotational motion of the wet cake for renewal of hot surfaces and transfer of heat by conduction. The agitator is also designed for discharging the dry powder for the equipment by opening the bottom discharge valve and rotating the agitator in the reverse direction. 

The RVPD’s can handle a wide variety of wet cakes from slimy, amorphous to crystalline free flowing cakes. It is a sturdy equipment and designed to take care of phase changes that essentially occur during the drying cycle.

The temperature ranges can vary from -10 to 300 Deg C. 

Capacities can range from 150 Liters to 30000 Litres Gross Volume with 50% charging volume as an accepted norm / practice

Coupled with ANF’s, the system can be totally enclosed from slurry to dry powders.

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