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Ribbon Blender

Ribbon blenders are a specific type of powder blender that consists of 2 parts mounted on a central shaft. The mixing medium often consists of inner and outer helical ribbons also known as Double Helical ribbon blades that are designed to move material both inwards and outwards. The external helical ribbons pull the product from the sides of the mixer into the middle and the internal ribbons push the product back to the sides. The motion of the material due to blade design facilitates a thorough mixing of the ingredients charged, as also a proper discharge after the completion of cycle.

The ribbons are designed to have precise gap tolerances between the walls of the mixer. In some instances, they can even be designed with soft material wipers to help keep products from building up on the sides. The drive mechanism often consists of a belt drive for the powder transmission between the motor and gearbox. This arrangement would use a system of flexible belts and pulleys to produce the desired speed and torque required for the specific mixing application. Direct drives via geared motors can also be provided to improve the torque transfers and energy efficiencies

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